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SPAIN in The Rosario

Learjet plane on runway
Xavier Nathanial Sinclair owned this type of Learjet in The Rosario

Xavier Nathanial Sinclair owned this type of black Learjet 35 executive jet in THE ROSARIO and it was used by Katie and Max to fly back and forth from Spain to England and Germany, and here it is... superb! 


The first two views below show the typical rugged landscape of the Catalonian mountains, where Xavier Nathanial Sinclair has his luxury Eagle's Cliff villa estate and secret communication headquarters.

Imagine staking out Sinclair's villa complex from this ruined Catalonian farmhouse (third image).


Map with pin in Barcelona
Map with pin in Barcelona

In The Rosario, the large coastal city of Barcelona is the base for Tommy Perlmann's Restauración de Muebles Antiguos workshop, off Barcelona’s Carrer de Josep Anselm Clavé Street, near La Rambla.


The first view of La Rambla, below, is from the Christopher Columbus monument. The second shows the wide and open character of the pedestrian street. The street name is derived from an old Arabic word for sand رمل. Originally, it was a dry sandy river bed - an important drain for the seasonal heavy rainwater flowing from the Collserola hills during the spring and autumn.

The third picture shows part of Tommy's street.


Madrid is the capital city of Spain with a population of over three million people - a bustling and vibrant place for Juan Diego Aquado and Antonio Alonso de Mazarrido of the CNI to live and work.


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