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Y O U R   P R I V A C Y   I S   T A K E N   S E R I O U S L Y     :    O U R   P R I V A C Y   P O L I C Y

Whenever you provide your personal information, via the Peter Sissons The Rosario website, it is provided, with the assurance that it is fully protected.

From 1st May, this Privacy Policy is current - Peter Sissons The Rosario may change of add to the policy at any time - we will let you know the changes.

What Personal Information may Peter Sissons The Rosario have on record?

1. Your title, full name, contact details and past contact details.

2. Your date of birth, gender and age.

3. Your nationality.

4. Pictures or other products, you may have purchased from us.

5. Marketing to you, including history of any contact with you.

6. Information about your use of pictures from us: for personal use, for presents, for prizes, etc.

7. Information about your type of employment.

8. Your nationality.

Sources of your personal details:

1. Directly from you.

2. From data produced when you purchase books and any other products.

What are you personal details used for?

1. Keeping your records up to date, finding your location, and recovering debt.

2. Helping us to manage any part of our products or service.

3. To improve the operation of Peter Sissons The Rosario.

4. To adhere to the best practice and guidance under the change to rules of governmental and regulatory bodies.

5. For accounting management and auditing purposes.

6. Market research and statistical analysis and development.

7. To develop new picture and product strategies and to improve existing pictures and services of Peter Sissons The Rosario.

What legal grounds can we process your personal data?

We depend on the legal sources, listed below, to use your personal information:

1. Where it is required to fully deliver our books and other products, for example:

a. We manage books, other products and services we offer our clients.

b. We keep our records up to date, and if allowed, to contact you in the future to offer you new books, or other products.

c. We, at all steps and undertakings applicable to managing our works and services, which encompasses enquires, administration and management of purchases and accounts.

2. We have the legitimate benefit to do the following:

a. Managing and updating your records;

b.To follow the guidelines of best practice of government and regulatory bodies;

c. For market research from analysis of records;

d. We may at time to time, use direct marketing contact with you, to offer you new works of art, other products, and services. This may be done, via SMS, email, phone, post and social media.

We will abide by our legal obligations.

We would like to, with your absolute agreement:

Contact you via direct marketing.

We will not share your personal information:

a. With other third parties: individuals, organisations, businesses or market research organisations.

You can withdraw your agreement:

a. At any time, by contacting us by any means.

Personal information changes:

a. Please contact us, using the information on the Contact page, so that we may update our records.

Retention of your personal data:

a. We will keep you personal data for the duration based on reasonable business needs, for example, to manage your data:

b. Keeping data according to legal and regulatory requirements or guidance.

Your rights under the data protection laws?

The right of data transferability came into force from May 2018.

a. You have the right to know about your processing of your personal data;

b. You have the right to change personal data if it is incorrect and to have missing personal data brought up to date;

c. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information;

d. You have the right to the removal of your personal information (the 'right to be forgotten');

e. You have the right to gain access to your personal data and how it is used; and

f.  You have the right to move, copy or transfer your personal data ('data portability').

If you have any complaints about the usage of your personal data by Peter Sissons The Rosario, contact the Information Commissioner's Office, at

Peter Sissons The Rosario may alter this privacy policy from time to time, and any changes appearing on this page, with wording that reflects changes to the law and/or our privacy policies.

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