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THE ROSARIO - A Mystery Thriller Novel by Peter Sissons

Updated: May 29

Hi Everyone. As a Kindle Unlimited eBook, I've launched the fourth, edited and expanded version of my mystery thriller, THE ROSARIO. This is a snapshot of the story:

The Rosario by Peter Sissons on a table
The Rosario by Peter Sissons

Imagine being flown to an isolated luxury estate belonging to a fabulously wealthy but obnoxious Englishman, high in the Catalonian mountains, for a highly paid job. This man’s obsessions, his mania and his total domination of his estate are hard to handle, but he is paying you handsomely for your services, and you tolerate his rudeness and demands.

Then you discover that he is downright dangerous… and he knows… you know… and now you are trapped.

What would you do next?

This is the crisis facing Max, an architect, and Katie, an expert on 16th-century Tudor and Spanish history, in this hard-to-put-down story of intrigue and adventure. Packed with murder, robbery, romance, hidden documents and life-changing discoveries, Max and Katie are plunged into a race against time across Europe as a long-held secret that spans centuries is revealed.

Knowledge can be dangerous, but when wealth and power – and the ability to rewrite history – fall into the wrong hands, the total domination of a criminal mastermind becomes an ever-more frightening reality in this addictive, fast-paced mystery thriller. Building to a shocking and unforeseen conclusion in the Catalonian mountains, The Rosario will grip you until the very end.

I hope you enjoy my novel as much as I enjoyed writing The Rosario.


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