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Below is a map of northern Germany that shows Hamburg and further north, Flensburg, on the Danish border. Near to Flensburg is Glücksburg, where Doktor Greiner-Schang flew Katie and Max for a party on board his yacht, Annika, named after his daughter.

Colourful green map showing Germany and Denmark - shows Hamburg identified with red pin and Glucksburg at Danish border.


The picture below shows an aerial view of Hamburg showing the unique roof scape of the city. Due to strict planning laws any new building cannot be built higher than the town hall.

Aerial view of Hamburg with large Town Hall in foreground with river.

In The Rosario, Katie and Max's Hummer taxi entered Alstadt, the old and present financial district of Hamburg, then Willy-Brandt-Straße into the narrow Neue Burg. They passed the floodlit remains of St. Nicolai Kirche, then crossed a small bridge spanning across a waterway onto Trostbrücke. Entering Börsebrücke, they arrived at their first hotel - the  Jungmarkt.

Sunset time in Hamburg's Borsebrucke area with red brick old buildings with small pointed roof towers. Bridge river trees.


The aerial picture below shows the view Max and Katie had, approaching the small town and marina of Glücksburg, in Doktor Greiner-Schang's de Havilland Beaver seaplane. See the lovely model below.

Aerial view lakes, trees, river, white castle with red roofs, Glucksburg.
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