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Don't expect everything to be used in or on your book

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Using Lulu, based in Indiana, I had to send my manuscript and art material, plus layout ideas to their book cover design department. I had no idea what I was doing in the early days of understanding the whole self-publishing process, so I produced several paintings of objects talked about in many of the chapters. I supplied these to Lulu, but because of their strict rules to keep costs down to a minimum, they were not used - a mistake on my part having misinterpreted what I was able to put into print within my package that I had chosen.

Here are the water colour paintings that were not used:

The first shows a very important piece of 16th-century Spanish furniture, featured in many of The Rosario's chapters - a portable writing desk - a vargueño .

The second and third shows the favourite weapons used in wars and by terrorists throughout the world - the Kalashnikov machine gun and the RPG - the rocket-propelled grenade. Two cheap to manufacture weapons of misery, mass-produced the world over.

Both these weapons are featured on my web page concerning the illegal arms trade - Xavier Nathanial Sinclair's favourite business!

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